Heathfield Area Recreational Trust (HeART) Thriplow Cambridgeshire

David Schneider

Name: David Schneider
Status: Married
Children: 2 Daughters 4 & 1
Resident Since: 2010
Area: Whitehall Gardens 2010-2015 & Kingsway 2015 – Present
I have been living on Heathfields since 2010. I liked the area so much that when we needed a bigger house, we only moved 200 meters.

My oldest daughter loves playgrounds; I spent many hours in Thriplow & Sawston parks, so when the opportunity came along of updating the local park I jumped on board. Starting a charity that deals with play equipment has been an eye opener, the amount of work that goes on is never ending, and I live in hope that one day I will look back and thinkā€¦ Yes it was worth it!


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