Heathfield Area Recreational Trust (HeART) Thriplow Cambridgeshire

Sabrina Melvin

Sabrina Melvin (Trustee)
Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse
Lives on Whitehall Gardens ( and kingsway)
Hi I’ve ┬álived on Heathfields since I was a child (30 years ago now) and have fond memories of playing on the park when the original play area was put together by my mum, who still lives on the estate and other mum’s whose children now have grown up and had children and live on the estate.
I now have 2 children one of 4 and one of 10 years who often like to play on the estate. I wanted to be able to help make things happen for this estate. To help provide a fun, playful and community spirited area for us and our neighbours to use, now and for many years to come. I wanted an area that was safe and enjoyable for our children to play at, without having to venture far from home.
For many years now the equipment has needed updating, but due to lack of funds not being available this has never happened.
A group of us with the influence and encouragement of Darren decided to get together and try one last time to organise some fundraising events to raise some money to get things moving. Just before Xmas 2015, whilst selling raffle tickets on the estate to get us started I came across the fantastic Madeline who offered to help us get the ball rolling in starting up a charity. With Madeleine’s experience in charity and fundraising we have been able to successful register as HeART. We have great ambitions for the estate and thrive to continue to make heathfields a place you would like your children to play.
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